Palm Oil Introduction

Palm oil is also known as saturated oil, because it contains 50% saturated fat. Pam oil consists of saturated fat, monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat through blending. Human body owns high digestion and absorption of palm oil with high ratio of exceeding 97%. Different from other kinds of vegetable oils, palm oil itself does not contain cholesterol.

Palm oil is an important ingredient in fat, moderate property is a good material for the manufacture of food. It has the nature of high solid content, allowing food to avoid hydrogenation of glycerol and maintain stable and effective resistance to oxidation. It is also suitable for hot climates become good sauce pastry and bakery products. Palm oil is deeply popular in food industry.

Palm oil is rich in natural vitamin E and tocotrienols (600-1000mg/kg), carotenoids (500-700mg/kg) and linoleic acid (10%) is very beneficial to human health. Some researchers have studied separately for different races (Europe, America, Asia), the results showed that palm oil is an edible vegetable oil in full compliance with health needs.