What Type Materials Do Palm Oil Fractionated Equipment Effect?

Cottonseed oil and Partially hydrogenated soybean oil through fractionation to produce in line with the requirements of frozen experiments salad oil, fractionated palm olein points raised can be used for the production of high added value, such as CBE. Palm oil fractionated equipment commonly used are:


1. palm oil fractionation
Palm oil is the most important mentioned materials. Either crude oil or refined palm oil palm can be used for fractionation. The main purpose is to obtain the fractionated palm oil is preferably a low freezing point and freezing stability. Single-stage fractionation of liquid oil production in the 10 degrees Celsius below freezing point, melting point of 44 degrees Celsius stearin to 52 degrees Celsius. Liquid palm oil for cooking and salad oil soft butter substitutes, while stearin used in frying oils, margarine and shortening production. For the special properties of palm oil fractionation, fractionation process also has two and three points to mention.

2.palm kernel oil fractionation
Stearin produced after fractionated palm kernel oil by hydrogenation as a high-quality high-value hard butter or fat. Stearin usually by high-pressure hydraulic machine dry fractionation, or the use of volume production of mixed oil split.